Our highly qualified Human Resource Managers handle all HR/IR related problems which may arise in the workplace. This means our clients receive the best advice and guidance to ensure compliance with the Labour Law and HR Procedures.

We are very proud to say that our Qualified Human Resource Managers are registered with the South African Board of Personnel Practices (SABPP) and The Quality Assurance Body for Human Resources in South Africa (ETQA).

We offer the following consultation services;

• HR Auditing – Full comprehensive audit of companies current or new Human Resource department, providing consultation on possible improvement in their structures
• Human Resource Policy writing/reviewing/editing and assistance in the implementation
• Affirmative Action Plans
• Job Analysis and Evaluation
• Compensation analyst & Design
• Performance Management
• Career and Track Development
• Disciplinary Hearings, Grievances and Appeal Hearings
• CCMA consultation and representation
• Strategic HR Management
• HR Risk Measurement
• Talent Management
• Workforce planning
• Learning & Development
• Employee Reward Management
• Employee Wellness Management
• ERM (Employee Relations Management)
• Organisational Development
• HR Success Measurement