ALOS fulfills the specific labour requirements of our clients by placing suitable qualified contract and temporary employees on a site for the duration of a contract.
We supply short and long term contractual staff in all industries.
We work with clients to determine peak staffing trends and predict increased needs for staff in order to affectively match workforce with workload. This is especially beneficial to employers that require additional staff for unspecified periods of short term projects.
We provide a Site Clerk to assist the Human Resource Manager with meetings, timesheets, queries and record keeping of employees, where there are more than 50 employees' onsite. Issues such as unexpected absenteeism are solved with a single call to our dedicated onsite agents and assessable managers.
As a further service to our clients we take away the burden and provide (as negotiated) the following:
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Medicals Examinations
  • Inductions
  • Transport to various sites
  • Arrange accommodation
  • Working permits (for the African Countries)
  • Training to employees where necessary
We operate in the jurisdiction of the necessary bargaining councils and Basic Conditions of Employment Act and are registered with the relevant statutory bodies.
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